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How Do I Add My US Bank Account

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How Do I Add My US Bank Account?


Note: Please be advised that not all programs allow this function. Please contact the program you are signed up through if you have questions regarding allowed functions.


1. Log in to your NxPay™ account.

2. Click on “Bank Accounts” on the left hand side of your screen in the menu options.
3. Click on the word: Click “here” to add a Bank Account.
4. Select United States (USD) in the dropdown menu next to the Country field and then click on “Continue”.
5. Submit all required information regarding your bank account. (NOTE: some items below may not
    be required and will not display if this is the case, or will not have an * next to it.) 
a) Personal Account or Business Account: Using the radio buttons, if the bank account 
               you are entering is a personal bank account select Yes,or Select No if the bank account
               is a business account. (NOTE: If you select No, a blank field will appear prompting you to
               enter in the business name on the account. The name on the account must match
               exactly what is listed at the bank.)
               b) Account number: Enter in your bank account number. This is typically the second
               string of numbers on the bottom left-hand corner of your check.
               c) Routing Number: Enter in the routing number for your bank account. This is the first
               nine-digit string of numbers on the bottom left-hand corner of your check.
               d) Account Type: Select (Checking) or (Savings) from the dropdown menu.
               e) Bank Name: Enter in the name of your bank.
f) Bank Address: There are multiple lines here for you to enter the branch information,
               pertaining to where you originally opened your account.
g) Description: This is a free form text field that allows you to designate a “nickname” for
               your account to easily identify which account you are looking at. This is a required field.
               (e.g. My Personal Savings Account)

6. Once you have entered your banking information, click on “SUBMIT” to save the information.
    (NOTE: Before you hit submit, please review your entries as any incorrect information can cause a delay 
    or failure of your transaction.)
7. You will be directed back to the Bank Accounts page where you can now view the bank account you
    have just entered.

In the event you are unsure as to what any of your banking information such as Account Number or Routing Number, please contact your Financial Institution for this information. Incorrect information will cause a delay or failure of your transaction.



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